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Hive Mind

A year after the massive Tubbs Fire broke out in Santa Rosa, California, we joined some troops of Girl Scouts who are part of a new initiative to help farmers restore bee patches they lost to the wildfire. At the time, Tubbs was the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history. Over 2,800 people in...

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Keeping It in the Family

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Hadiya Culbreath had to wait three weeks for her home to be inspected. When her mom  got an infection from the mold inside, Hadiya realized many Houstonians were living in moldy homes, unaware of the health risks. Inspired to do something about it, she spent her senior year of high...

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What’s at Steak

Bailey Morrell is a third-generation cattle rancher. She’s been raising her own herd since she was five-years-old. But when the California drought hit, her family had to let some cows go. She says watching the cattle leave on the trailer to the auction yard was like watching her family’s livelihood slip away. To pull through,...

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Something in the Water

John Atwater loves to go manatee watching right down the block. He lives in Vero Beach, Florida, on an island smack in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon. But John’s worried about wildlife and his community. Over the past few years, climate change has been shaking up lagoons. Rising temperatures...

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Puerto Rico se Regenera

Nearly a year since Hurricane Maria, Imagine If is heading to Puerto Rico for our very first episode. We meet Isabel Valentín, a high school student who grew up leading nature camps for Para la Naturaleza (PLN), the largest conservation organization in the Caribbean. After the hurricane passed, Isabel found that nature was much more...

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Introducing Imagine If

Coming to you hot off the audio presses is a brand new podcast from the North American Association for Environmental Education!

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