Bailey Morrell is a third-generation cattle rancher. She’s been raising her own herd since she was five-years-old. But when the California drought hit, her family had to let some cows go. She says watching the cattle leave on the trailer to the auction yard was like watching her family’s livelihood slip away. To pull through, Bailey’s family made some changes on their ranch — like thinking outside the box to conserve water.

Now Bailey wants to know, how can ranching and agriculture continue to grow in the face of future droughts? She sat down with California’s Secretary of Food and Agriculture Karen Ross to talk about how to get agriculturalists to work together to combat climate change. They discuss growing up on the farm, struggling with the California drought, and how the state is taking action to conserve water.

Music: As I Was Saying, I Wanted to Live, and Thinking it Over by Lee Rosevere. Our theme song is by Ladybug Music.

Episode art by: Lily Arzt

Resources for Environmental Educators:

Interested in learning more about community-based water conservation and helping consumers make more informed decisions? Head over to eePRO to check out the CalWater H20 Challenge, a project-based learning competition for California classrooms tackling water conservation; a toolkit for engaging people in conservation efforts, and materials for advancing environmental literacy, including a guide for developing a state environmental literacy plan.