After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Hadiya Culbreath had to wait three weeks for her home to be inspected. When her mom  got an infection from the mold inside, Hadiya realized many Houstonians were living in moldy homes, unaware of the health risks. Inspired to do something about it, she spent her senior year of high school building a hand-held mold detector.

Now that Hadiya’s got a prototype, she wants to know how to get it into people’s hands — and how Houstonians can band together to ensure recovery solutions are plugged into what the community needs. To find out, she sat down with community organizers Alycia Miles and Becky Selle from West Street Recovery, a grassroots group helping Houstonians rebuild their homes and grow community power.

Music: A Certain Lightness, The Silver Hatch, Soothe, and Taoudella by Blue Dot Sessions, Completely Lost by Lee Rosevere. Our theme song is by Ladybug Music.

Episode art by: Lily Arzt

Resources for Environmental Educators:

Fascinated by Hadiya’s mold detector and impressed with how she came up with it? Check out the E-STEM Education group on eePRO, where you can find E-STEM resources and opportunities, engage in conversations about using the environment as a pathway for STEM learning, and collaborate on how to incorporate design, experimentation, and technology into education programs. You can also check out NAAEE’s report on developing a blueprint for E-STEM success!